Guitar Lessons!


Durham Guitar Lessons!

Want to Learn the Play the Guitar?

My name is Phil Torres. I currently live in Durham, NC. I've been playing guitar for almost 20 years; about the time I started playing guitar, I also learned the piano. I use these skills in my present band, Baobab (


If you're interested in guitar lessons with me, please send me an email! (My address is: I'd be happy to meet at my house, or if you're relatively close (in the Triangle area) I'd also be willing to drive out to your place. Lessons are 30 minutes, and cost $20. We'll start with some basics, and then start to learn songs that interest the student. I'd also be willing to help students set up small recording studios in their own homes; I have a lot of experience with software like Pro Tools, and have mixed and mastered my own and others' projects.


A little bit more about myself: I am a former graduate student. I studied philosophy as an undergraduate, then earned a master's degree in neuroscience from Brandeis University, after which I spent a year as a visiting graduate student in the philosophy department at Harvard. I currently write for a number of blogs and think tanks, and I recently published my first book (on the philosophy of science and religion)!


Hope to hear from you soon!